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What is the minimum rental period ?

Pcrenting have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual rental tariffs.

Do you offer insurance?

Pcrenting do not offer insurance. You are responsible for any damage to the equipment within the rental period.

What equipments do you rent out?

Pcrenting provide all types of computers, servers, laptops, printers and other computer accessories as described in the ‘Products’ section on rent We also are open to client specifications in terms of brand and vendor provided the order is for a period of more than a year.

How quickly can I get the equipment?

Depending on where you are located, Pcrenting offer services on the same or next day throughout the city.

What operating system do the computers/Laptops /Servers come with?

Pcrenting does not offer any software along with the rented systems/Laptops/Servers, because of the varied nature of demand. But Pcrenting can provide technical support for hardware.

Do the Systems come with any Software?

Pcrenting is responsible for only hardware issue and that will be free service, No software will be given preloaded in the system.

Does the computer have Internet access?

Pcrenting can provide a modem and or Ethernet port , but Pcrenting do not offer Internet service. You must have your own Internet Service Provider.